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Penrhyn Quarry

The Penrhyn Quarry is the oldest and largest slate quarry in the world. Although it was not commercially opened until 1784, it had been operating as a ‘cottage industry’ since at least as far back as the 13th century.

Penrhyn Slates are recognized universally as the best quality slate in the world and are sold worldwide – Ireland, the UK, mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the United States are all major customers for this slate. It is the only roofing slate to have a lifespan measured in centuries. A good example is the recent re-roofing of St Asaph Cathedral in north Wales where the original slates that came off where 400 years old and were still intact, fully functional and were actually re-used on other buildings!

Penrhyn Slates are known in Ireland as Blue Bangor Slates or Bangor Blue Slates, and they have a very distinctive heather blue or purple colour. They have been used to roof many of the county’s most historic and prestigious buildings, and are used today in both quality new-build and self-build projects, as well as conservation & Historic buildings.

They are available in standard sizes of 500x300mm but can be manufactured to almost any size, with larger sized slates being popular in conservation & Heritage projects. These slates are available in Ireland exclusively through Lagan Building Solutions (LBS).